Binary Redneck

Blog Migration

So, I’ve finally done what a certain loved one calls “taking an engineer pill”1 and moved another bit of my digital world to a managed service, reducing maintenance overhead so that I can focus on other things.

This blog is now hosted courtesy of, who have kindly offered me a complimentary hacker account to support my work in open source. They’ve taken over running my blog on the new Ghost blogging platform so that I can focus on content and, of course, my infosec work.

I’m still migrating content and chasing down several remaining theme bugs, but thought I’d go ahead and set this live so that I could begin to put more writing out into the world. You’ll see new and old content continue to appear here in a trickle over the course of the next few months.

Feedback is always welcome.

  1. To “take an engineer pill” is to do one of the hardest things an engineer could do: to let go of control of something under one’s purview and hand it over to someone else, who may or may not do it exactly as the engineer him/herself would have. It is so called due to the implication that some engineers may have to be sedated to actually manage such a feat. [return]