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So it bee-gins.

So it bee-gins.

When most people talk about startups, they conjure up visions of inexperienced hipsters fighting for VC[1] money with a "build it now, exit soon, profit will magically happen sometime" attitude.

Meritocracy in Open Source

I sat it on a great talk at OSCON today by VM Brasseur about succession planning in Open Source projects and communities. There was a point where she called out the weaknesses in

Blog Migration

So, I've finally done what a certain loved one calls "taking an engineer pill"[1] and moved another bit of my digital world to a managed service, reducing maintenance overhead so

Heavy Training

This isn't just a post about training hard in martial arts -- though it is about that -- it's about training hard when one is very overweight. In the past year, I've lost

The Drupal Support Gap

The Problem We lack a clear and inviting path from discovering Drupal and learning how to use it to becoming an active and productive contributor. As a result, our most active developers are