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Gifts of All Kinds

One of my mentees recently left me with a very special gift, one that reminds me of another, even more priceless, gift: the support of adults in my young life, especially my parents, *even when they didn't understand me*.

My New "Toy"

I'm a fan of going analog whenever I can manage. Fountain pens and paper are a great way to focus, and to stay organized without waiting on apps or relying on batteries. I've used and iterated on my trusty Bullet Journal for some time now...

How To Have a Meeting

I hate meetings. I hate anything that asks me to step away from my work for overhead tasks. However, meetings are useful and necessary if you want a group of people to act

Bloomington Bees

My 14yo son, Lucas[1], is working on his first startup. Bloomington Bees is a Bloomington, Indiana based apiary, or bee farm, producing honey, beeswax, honeycomb, and other interesting things. The Bloomington Bees