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You may have noticed that this blog just got a new look. While I love Drupal, I've accumulated so many Drupal instances on my various side projects that the maintenance overhead was becoming a bit much. There's really no reason to maintain an install of any CMS for some of my rarely-changing handful-of-pages sites. So, my personal blog became the guinea pig.

I chose Blogofile for this task because, while the project is still young, it is flexible enough to easily handle both "normal" pages and blog content and it is written in Python (which I've been learning for another project). I'm running a slightly patched version of Blogofile and the blogofile_blog plugin, and still fighting a bit with teaser generation.

Overall, it's been a good experience. The community is helpful, turning a simple html+css mockup into blogofile templates was easy (even for a non-themer like me), and there's something incredibly freeing about knowing that the site itself won't ever need a security update. All the code execution happens on my machine, then I push the resulting HTML and CSS files to my server. The only executable code in this whole blog is the snippet of js that integrates Disqus comments with my blog posts.

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